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Data we collect:
Pissmail.com may at any point store the following information related to your account:
-Registration information (username, hashed password, IP address, timestamps)
-Cookies and session information (webmail)
-Mail storage (Sent and received Mails)
-SMTP and IMAP Logs
Additionally Pissmail.com may store the following data not related to your user account:
-HTTP Logs (HTTP Header information)
Pissmail.com does not guarantee that the above information is stored, only that it does not knowingly collect information in addition to this.
Sharing of Data:
Pissmail.com does not knowingly share or sell any data.
Use of Data:
Pissmail.com only uses your data for the following purposes:
-Filtering mails you send or receive for spam (SpamAssassin)
-Tracking stats for quota limits
-Investigating abuse
-Sharing with law enforcement in compliance with valid legal orders
Log Erasure Policy:
All log files that are relevant to the pissmail.com mail- and webserver are deleted at the 1st of every month.
Best Practices + Reminder that I don't care:
Due to the unencrypted nature of the email protocol stack, it is recommended that you keep local copies of your mails and delete them from the pissmail.com server as soon as possible and/or encrypt the contents of your mails. However, rest assured that i do not care to read your mails and i will never go out of my way to do so.
Privacy Policy
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